Yokohama A6 Shell Cordovan Notebook Cover (Natural, burgundy, black, blue)


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Luxury shell cordovan a6 notebook cover inspired by vintage pieces from our collection.

Shell cordovan has exceptional qualities, but is hard to source and has to go through a very complicated and slow tanning process. This makes it one of the most expensive, rarest and therefore exclusive leathers on the market. 

Cordovan is exceptionally durable, we source ours from a top Japanese tannery. The shiny, slightly transparent finish has incredible colour depth and nuances.

The fact that this notebook cover is made from finest shell cordovan on both the outside and inside makes it truly exceptional. Cordovan notebook covers are rare in general and usually finished in cowhide on the inside to keep the price "reasonable".

The cover includes two card slots for cards and tickets, a pen loop sized for fountain pens, strap closure to keep the contents secure and most A6 size notebooks, passports, etc.

Feel free to slip A6 or any document or notebook A6 size or smaller in the 2 side pockets, there's lots of space!

Finest shell cordovan that will age beautifully and feels fantastic in use. The natural version will darken progressively with repeated exposure to light.

Handmade in Japan by skilled craftsmen.

This notebook cover is designed to be practical and a joy to use for many years, whether you use it for work, travel or journaling.

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Material: 100% genuine Japanese shell cordovan
Storage: 3 card slots, pen loop, will accommodate most A6 notebooks.
Dust pouch and gift box included.
Dimensions (approx.): 165 x 127.5 mm (H x W closed). Pen loop: 18mm.
Weight: 0.34 Kg (box & dust pouch included)
Country of manufacture: Japan

Often called the “diamond of leathers”, Shell Cordovan is an equine leather made from the fibrous flat connective tissue beneath the hide on the rump of the horse, used in the manufacture of high-end leather goods and shoes. The leather derives its name from the city of Cordoba, Spain, where it was first produced in the seventh century.

The high price of Shell Cordovan is due to the relatively low supply of the horsehide needed to make it, the fact that the production process can take up to 6 months and that only a small portion of the horsehide can be used while the demand for it is very high.

Shell cordovan is exceptionally durable. Pores are very dense on the hindquarters of a horse, this makes the hide naturally resistant to water (not waterproof).

A well made Shell Cordovan leather item can be expected to last a lifetime if maintained properly. Shell Cordovan ages very well and develops a particularly beautiful patina over time. The Japanese Shell Cordovan we have selected has exceptional colour depth and a gorgeous glossy finish.

1. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and humidity. Store in a well-aired, non humid environment.
2. Clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth.
3. When wet, allow to dry completely away from heat sources. Buff with a soft, dry cloth once dry.
4. Buff with a soft dry cloth on a regular basis
5. Apply a tiny amount of cordovan conditioner if absolutely necessary. We do not recommend products containing silicones or other synthetic substance, since they do not allow the cordovan to breathe.
6. The glossy surface of the shell cordovan will acquire micro scratches with use and develop a beautiful patina.

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