Ateliers Phileas - About Us page


Ateliers Phileas is a collective of eccentric international and multicultural designers and craftsmen.

We love traditional craftsmanship, the finest materials and vintage luggage and accessories from the golden age of travel.

Our creations are not only tools, designed to be useful in your everyday life,  but also objects of beauty crafted with care from exceptional materials, which you will love using and destined to become heirlooms.

The Ateliers Phileas house style is nostalgic, reminiscent of  Jules Verne novels and the days of transatlantic steamers, merging Japanese culture and European refinement.

Our first product, the Yokohama A5 Notebook Cover, in both Japanese leather and shell cordovan will give you a taste of our philosophy and style.

The Ateliers Phileas range is not mass produced and is only made from the finest leathers, shell cordovan and other selected materials. Our leathers and cordovan are sourced from Japan, France and Italy.


What does Ateliers Phileas mean?

Our brand: Phileas inspired by Phileas Fogg the main character in “Around the World in 80 Days” by 19th century writer Jules Verne and Ateliers (workshops) plural because our manufacturing workshops and designers are located in several countries.

Our values: rational consumption, durability and sustainable use, traditional craftsmanship, high added value, aesthetics, practicality, no compromises.

Our personality: nostalgic, creative, demanding, pragmatic, humorous, anarchistic, traveller, materialistic, nonconformist, literary, curious.

We always try to offer maximum value for money to our customers, our aim is for your Ateliers Phileas accessory to genuinely have a positive impact on your daily life, for a very long time.

Qui est Phileas?